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“Gornoe Solnce” (“Mountain Sun”) residential complex (RC) is a new milestone in the construction industry of Kazakhstan.

A unique building constructed in partnership with the leading foreign corporations, with the use of cutting-edge materials and advanced technologies in accordance with international standards of construction, environmental safety and energy efficiency.

It is a complete solution that includes an automated life support system at home, including renewable energy for maximum protection and independence from external environmental conditions.

The residential complex is located in one of the best and most environmentally friendly districts of Almaty, consists of 139 apartments and occupies a total area of 27,859 square meters. The price for an apartment starts from 715,000 tenge per 1 m2.

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What are the advantages of the residential complex? What gives the right to “Gornoe Solnce” (“Mountain Sun”) to be called the first Environmentally Friendly Residential Complex in Kazakhstan?


Access to urban facilities

The convenient location, just a little bit up the Al-Farabi Avenue, allows to reach the uptown business district. Here, at a walking distance, you can find Esentai Mall, the elitest trade center, VILLA Boutiques & Restaurants, a multi-functional complex, the Nurly-Tau business center, the international complex of ski ramps as well as many restaurants, cafes and beauty salons.


Clean air

The proximity to the mountains and lack of high-rise buildings near the residential complex provide an ideal air flow circulation, allowing residents of “Gornoe Solnce” (“Mountain Sun”) residential complex enjoy the fresh mountain breeze round the clock.


Magnificent view

Most of the windows of “Gornoe Solnce” (“Mountain Sun”) residential complex have a picturesque view of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains and such city sights as ski ramps, Esentai Mall, Arial golf club and other notable objects.



Absolute comfort

The developed infrastructure includes a children's playground which can be seen from almost every point of the complex as well as all necessary objects for a fulfilling life, work and rest.


There is a video surveillance system around the whole perimeter of the residential complex and a security system that controls access of vehicles and visitors to the territory of the yard and infrastructure facilities. Your children and you will always be safe.

Own utility service

A qualified utility service of the residential complex will promptly respond to all requests of the residents and solve all issues. Complex technical systems are monitored by the manufacturer 24/7 and regularly serviced by our technicians.

Convenient parking

The underground two-level parking for 210 parking lots has an access to the elevator and an automated entry and exit. Whatever the weather your vehicle will stay in a warm, dry and safe place. Besides, there is a car wash inside the parking area - you can wash your car without leaving your house.


Household equipment storage premises

The underground parking has household equipment storage premises where you can store bulky or seasonal items which would create inconveniences if stored in your apartment. It may include car tires, a bike, a Christmas tree or skis or anything else- you can find space for everything.

Cozy atmosphere

A quiet, calm and cozy atmosphere rains in the yard of “Gornoe Solnce” (“Mountain Sun”) residential complex due to the small number of storeys. The spacious territory accommodates a sports playground, an outdoor children's playset and a recreation area with a shady gazebo, a fountain and beautiful landscaping.

Comfortable solutions

Final finishing of the European quality

Apartments in “Gornoe Solnce” (“Mountain Sun”) residential complex are put into service with final finishing - most of the building and finishing materials are imported by leading companies from Italy, France, Germany and other European countries. After you have settled in you will enjoy the peace and comfort, you will not be annoyed with the noise of repair works.


Furnished apartment with custom design

There are apartments which are ready for use and have the finishing of the exceptional quality: with custom interior design, premium quality building and finishing materials as well as with furniture and bath and toilet equipment from European manufacturers. You will save your time and nerves- just move to a new apartment and live there.


Construction technologies


Only modern innovative technologies are used for construction of the residential complex. "Smart" automated systems ensure the right temperature in the house as well as uninterrupted hot water supply - you will feel comfortable enough never to worry about it.


Construction supervision

The process of construction is supervised by a specially invited team of highly qualified engineers from Russia. It gives 100 % guarantee that the building is constructed in strict compliance with all quality and safety standards.

Seismic resistance

Thanks to the robust foundation and the reinforced concrete structure, “Gornoe Solnce” (“Mountain Sun”)  residential complex possesses the 9-magnitude earthquake resistance which is evidenced by the results of earthquake resistance tests. You can sleep peacefully and not worry about the safety of your loved ones, even in the event of a major earthquake.



Polystyrene concrete, a modern and very practical material, was used in construction, it is successfully proven in a number of indicators such as load bearing characteristics, thermal insulation, fire protection, noise absorption and frost resistance. A tower of strength- it is about polystyrene concrete.


Energy efficiency

Modern energy-saving technologies for space and water heating are used in the residential complex, they ensure energy efficiency and independence from external factors with the help of renewable natural resources, and also save the cost of utility bills by 30-50 %.



Low-emissivity i-glass ensuring high light transmission,  transparency and heat insulation is used in each apartment of “Gornoe Solnce” (“Mountain Sun”)  residential complex. You will be protected from harmful external radiation, and comfortable temperature and balanced microclimate in the room will stay much longer.



05 december 2016

Great news!

Commissioning is scheduled for May 2017.

04 december 2016

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