Seismic resistance

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Seismic resistance

More than 9.0- magnitude earthquake resistance

Five big tectonic fractures with five more branches go through Almaty. Besides, the city of Almaty is divided into three zones. Zone I-8.0 magnitude earthquakes. Zone II-9.0 magnitude earthquakes. Zone III-earthquakes higher than 9.0 magnitude. And subzones: A- without deteriorating factors, B, C, D-complicated with ground factors.

It should be noted that it is allowed to construct buildings in areas of tectonic fractures, but requirements for construction are stricter than in other areas. 

For this reason, special attention was paid to the earthquake resistance of “Gornoe Solnce” (“Mountain Sun”)  residential complex. This residential complex is designed to be resistant to natural factors - it is located where the tectonic fracture goes through, and the seismic activity is 9.0-10.0 magnitude. That is why designers and developers have taken into account all details and used an individual approach to this constrution project.

3,000,000 cubes of concrete was poured to the foundation of this complex.

A beam-cross beam system with a diaphragm was used to make the floors which are located above the surface lighter.

Initially the design provided for a 6-storey building, but after it was prohibited to construct houses higher than 12 meters up Al Farabi avenue the designers chose this option. That is why given the fact that the foundation was prepared for a higher building the remaining floors have a higher margin of safety.

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